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2003     Approaches to the Past: Theory and Practice in the Humanities [CASA 312A/ CompLit 312A/ FrenGen 312E]

2004     Epistemologies of the Pasts: Science, Feminism, Psychoanalysis [CASA 312A/ CompLit 312A/ FrenchGen 312E]

2005     Ethical Criticism [CASA 344/ CompLit 344/ FrenGen 344]

2006     Narrative, Memory, Materiality: Women’s Sense of the Past [CASA 326/ FrenGen 326]

2007     The Self and the ‘Oppressive’ Other. (Continental Philosophy and the Human Sciences) [CASA 324]

2008     Human/Non-Human (Continental Philosophy and the Human Sciences) [CASA 324]

2009     Violence, the Sacred, and Rights of the Dead [Anthro 337/ FrenGen 367]

2010     Theories of Resistance. Postsocialism, Postcolonialism, Postapartheid [FrenGen 361/ CREEES]

2011     Biohumanities [FrenGen 338/ Anthro 338A/ CREEES]

2012     Introduction to Multispecies Theory of the Humanities and Social Sciences [FrenGen 338/ Anthro 338A/ CREEES]

2013    The Posthumanist Subject [French 320/Anthro 336A/CREEES]

2014    Genocides and Ecocides [Anthro 339A / French 339A / REES 339A]

2015    Animism and Alter-Native Modernities [Anthro 335A – French 335A – REES 335A]

2016  Post-Secular Humanities [Anthro 340A – French 341A – REES 340A]

2017    New Methodologies in the Humanities and Social Sciences [ANTHRO 371B – DLCL 371 – REES 371B]


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